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    DriveNation is a leading retailer of high quality pre-owned vehicles with all segment financing and an exceptional customer experience. We provide solutions for all vehicle needs, including sales, financing and maintenance. Our goal is to turn our happy customers into loyal brand ambassadors.
    At DriveNation, we’re proud of our credit building program, which has the highest loan approval rate in Saskatchewan. We’re in the business of re-establishing credit, and we work hard to find the right products and loans for our customers. With our extensive credit resources, we’ve put thousands of Canadians like you back on the road.
    Our comprehensive business model includes:

    • Vehicle acquisition: Our buyers source quality reconditioned products from various auctions across the country. Each vehicle must pass a multi-point safety and operation inspection from our DriveNation technicians before it’s released to the lot.
    • Vehicle sales: Our dealerships maintain a selection of four-to-ten-year-old vehicles, sold at competitive prices.
    • On-site financing: We use a credit scoring system to establish a grade for our customer, using information from the credit application process. This grade enables us to establish the corresponding minimum down payment and maximum installment payment for each person.
    • After sale support: Every vehicle we sell comes with a 30-day limited powertrain warranty. We also offer extended warranty coverage up to 7 years, or 160,000 km with roadside assistance.

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