A new way to rebuild credit

Canada’s economic state hasn’t had that new car shine for quite a while. And, while the government itself has done the best it can to keep things running smoothly, many Canadians have felt the effects of the downturn. But what does this all mean for the average earning Canadian?

Sometimes paying a power bill is more important than your credit card, and other bills take precedence over less-important payments. As a result, some Canadians end up having to make hard decisions that can negatively affect our credit scores. This doesn’t mean we’re not responsible with our cash — it’s just that cash is in short supply these days.

We eventually catch up, but with the squeeze being felt by all, credit requirements are increasing. And when it comes to looking for a car, even just a few missed payments can be the reason you’re denied financing at the dealership.

For many of us Canadians, a car is an important part of life. It’s how we get to school, how we get to work, and how we keep the family organized. Not having a vehicle simply isn’t an option for all too many Canadians, and being denied financing for a new car presents a whole new set of worries. Luckily, there’s a solution when financing from banks and auto manufacturers isn’t an option.

“I was denied from major banks, and auto manufacturers wouldn’t finance me either,” says Jared Whillians, a client of auto financier, DriveNation. DriveNation specializes in getting people with a not-so-stellar credit score behind the wheel when others tell them no.

DriveNation’s promise is to approve anyone with income, as long as they can meet the payment requirements every month. “I applied online and was approved in less than 24 hours. I was driving a new car by the weekend.” says Whillians.

Not only does DriveNation help you get into a car when other options aren’t available, their loans can actually help you improve your credit score when you pay them off on time. The two main credit reporting agencies, Equifax and TransUnion, say that paying off debt on time is one of the best ways to improve your credit rating.

If you’ve been turned down for financing and need a vehicle, visit http://pages.drivenation.ca today. Apply online and you can get approved within 24 hours.

*This is an advertorial for DriveNation. People mentioned are fictional but based on actual client experiences.