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Most Popular Vehicle Makes in Saskatchewan

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused much of the world we were used to, to change. Once upon a time, you had to physically shop for used cars and visit dealerships, but at DriveNation, you can still weigh your options and strike a good bargain online. We have lined up a host of options for you at our DriveNation dealerships in Saskatchewan. One of

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What Is Car Financing?

Car financing can seem a little overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time buyer, but once you understand the basics, you can proceed with confidence and strike a lucrative deal. After deciding the particular vehicle you wish to buy, you have some payment options to consider – pay for it in full or finance the

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When is the best time to buy a used car

A brand new car will be costly, irrespective of discounts and special offers. The alternative is to go for a used car, which will surely prove to be less expensive. However, you should always look at how much an investment will yield in the long run, instead of focusing on the short-term benefits. Here are

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How to finance a used car

Looking to buy a used car? Financing this type of purchase can be tricky, and can be quite costly if you don’t proceed correctly when it comes to your car loan. You need to know your options, as every financial situation is different so let’s review where your journey should start. Be aware of your credit

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When Is It Time To Say Goodbye To An Old Car?

It happens to the best of them. No car is going to last forever, as much as you would like it to. There comes a time when you have to replace them. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers tend to miss when that time is and keep a car hanging around for much, much longer than

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Who Should You Buy Your Next Used Car From?

So, you’re in need of a new car and you want the best possible deal out of it. Even a barely used car can offer savings of around $2000 compared to a brand-new version of the same model. If you’re willing to go with cars that are slightly more experienced, you could stand to save

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How to Find the Right Car For You

Do you ever walk into the cereal section of the supermarket, and just stand there, bamboozled by choice? There are so many types to choose from, it’s next to impossible to decide which one will go into your shopping basket. And this is for cereal, which you’ll go through in a week or two anyway.

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The Perfect Family Vehicle For An Edmontonian

In Edmonton, transport forms part of the city’s DNA. Known as The Gateway to The North, transportation is the reason Edmonton exists in the first place, with early settlements near the Saskatchewan River forming the heart of the historic fur trade. So as an Edmontonian, you’re already geared to know a good car when you

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Regina Private Sales VS Regina Dealerships

Buying a new car is no easy decision, and buying a used car requires you to be careful about the decisions that you are making. It is not only about whether you like the look of the car, and whether it drives nicely, but there are so many more factors to consider. Because of this,

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Things You Should Be Keeping Your Eye On

If you are thinking of buying a new car from a car dealer in Regina, then there are some things that you need to be looking out for. Yes, buying a used car from a dealer can be a great way of getting yourself a bargain, but this doesn’t mean that you should just blindly

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Getting The Most From Your Trip To A Used Car Dealership

The time has come! You’ve finally decided to replace your old car with a reliable used car from a respectable used car dealer in Prince Albert. But while shopping for a new car can be an exciting and rewarding time… it can also give many a sense of trepidation that borders on dread. Many are

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5 Signs You’ve Found The Used Car Of Your Dreams

You’re looking for the perfect used car from the perfect used car dealer in Prince Albert. In such a large and populous city, there’s no shortage of dealerships and private sellers to choose from. And when you’ve done your research, thought long and hard about the numerous variables and have a clear idea of what

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Car In Prince Albert

When you’re looking for the perfect car in Prince Albert, you need to know where to look and what to look for. Prince Albert has a number of dealerships that could offer you your next new or used car. And then there’s the option of buying a used car privately; should you ever do it?

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Ultimate Guide To Buying A Car In Saskatoon

Buying a car isn’t a walk in the park because car dealers in Saskatoon are everywhere. Choosing which dealer to choose and trust is never easy as you don’t want to make a mistake. One slip up could cost you thousands of dollars and leave you with a heap of junk on your driveway. But,

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Car Dealer Regina

When you are in need of a new car, the first thing that people often do is look around to find the kind of vehicle that they are looking for. Now, this is a great idea as it gives you some sort of direction on where you need to focus your search. However, you should

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Ultimate Guide To Buying A Car In Regina

It’s time to buy a new car. A prospect that likely fills you with equal parts excitement and trepidation. After all, buying a new car (even if it’s a used new car) is kind of a big deal. It’s a decision that you’ll have to live with for years to come, and not one to

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Misconceptions And Myths About Used Cars

Are you thinking about purchasing a used car? Some buyers are put off purchasing a used car due to common misconceptions floating around online. Here are the biggest myths that you definitely shouldn’t believe about this type of purchase.  Used Cars Are Poor Value  On the contrary, financial experts agree that used cars provide better

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Key Signs Of A Shady Car Dealership

If you’re thinking about purchasing a used car, then it’s important to realise that this isn’t going to be like a typical vehicle purchase. When you buy a brand new vehicle, you’re guaranteed a car that’s going to work for at least a few years and it’s also going to be under warranty. With a

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Piggy Bank For New Car

4 Points To Consider About A Used Car

Have you been looking at a vehicle on sale from a used car dealer in Saskatoon? Buying a car is always going to be an important purchase. It is going to have a significant impact on your quality of life as well as your finances for many years. That’s why you need to make sure

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Buying A Used Car Is Always Best, Here’s Why

Are you thinking about buying a car? You might be deciding between purchasing a vehicle that is brand new and one that has already had a couple owners. There are a few reasons why you should head to a used car dealership in Saskatoon rather than opting for a factory-new vehicle.  Depreciation Ask a financial

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7 Signs You’ve Found A Great Used Car Dealer

Are you looking for a used car dealership in Saskatoon? It can be difficult to find the right dealership to buy from. You need to make sure that you look for a company that you can trust and that will provide you with a good deal. The biggest fear that you’ll have when you look

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Signs That You’ve Found The Right Used Car For You in Saskatoon

Shopping for a used car can be an exciting and enjoyable experience… But it can also be stressful and anxious. Especially if you haven’t bought many used vehicles before. It’s not uncommon to second guess every choice you make and become overwhelmed by the sheer choice that’s available to you. Fortunately, any used car dealership

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What To Look For in a Used Car Dealership in Saskatoon

When your trusty vehicle gives up the ghost, you’re sure to experience mixed emotions. After all, we can all get attached to our cars. Yet, while we may bemoan the loss of a vehicle that has served us well before coughing its smoggy last we also look forward to going car shopping. It’s okay to

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Happy young family buying their new car.

11 Crucial Questions To Ask A Used Car Dealership

As a used car dealership in Regina, we know exactly what you should be asking before you buy a car from a used dealership.  The majority of buyers have no idea what sort of car they want to buy at the beginning of the shopping process. Many are open to numerous vehicle options, and this

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Happy young family buying their new car.

11 Things You Should Do Before Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car is often a good idea if you’re in need of a new way to get from A-B. It’s no secret that new cars depreciate really quickly, so buying a used car is often a better way to spend your money. However, it’s only a good way to spend your money if

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Hand On Steering Wheel

Everything You Should Know About Buying A Used Car

At our used car dealership in Calgary, we’re often asked questions about used cars – after all, we are experts! However, there’s a lot to take on board, especially if you want to buy a decent used car that’s going to last you for quite a while. Below, we’ll take a look at everything you

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Happy family of three In A Vehicle

What Not To Do When Used Car Shopping

When you need a replacement vehicle from our used car dealership in Abbotsford, you need to know what not to do. Used car shopping requires a lot of time and effort, as you want to make sure you drive home in the used car of your dreams. Below, we’ll take a look at what not

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Buying a Vehicle with Bad Credit

Having a bad credit can stand in the way of getting a car loan, despite having a stable job history or income. Lenders are usually weary of people who have history of late payments, bankruptcy, high debt, or repossession. This is usually a sign to these lenders that you are at risk of defaulting on

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How Do I Know What My Car is Worth?

The value of your car may not be vital to you in your day-to-day operations. But, when it’s time to upgrade, sell, or possibly reallocate your finances, the value of your vehicle suddenly comes to mind. The question is, how do you figure out the car’s value? Is it’s estimated worth the same as someone

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A Row Of Used Cars

How to Improve Your Odds of Getting Approved for a Car Loan

Not getting approved for a car loan can be a frustrating experience which may result in serious feelings of despair or even depression. Getting your application approved is not rocket science, there are a couple of steps you can take that would improve your chances of securing the auto loan that you desire. There are

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Determining How Much Car You Can Afford

Whether you live in the east, the central or western part of the country, you need a car to commute. Though traveling through our nation is lovely, it can also take a pounding on your car (and purse), leading to you needing a new car after five or ten years of usage. But before jumping

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Good and Bad of the Trade-in Process

There are many options for individuals looking to get rid of their old car. You can list the vehicle on Kijiji, Craigslist or other automotive classifieds and entertain emails and calls from different people. You could also put up a sign showing “for sale” on the window of the car you want to sell/trade-in and

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Steps to Trading in Your Vehicle

When you purchase a new vehicle, you may want to trade in the pre-existing car you own. If what you owe on the car is lower than the car’s value, the difference can be geared towards a new vehicle purchase. You can get the most from your trade-in if you make comparisons of offers from

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Used Car

New cars are a tempting option to consider when replacing your old vehicle or planning to add to your toys in the garage. New cars are often easier to finance and usually come with the latest tech and safety features. However, whatever way you tend to look at it, purchasing a new automobile is generally

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Top New Car Features From 2018

Cars of today are designed to meet the demands of drivers – refinement, power, speed, and a bunch of safety features. Modern vehicles are not simple, but they have to adjust to these demands by adding new features to new car models annually. Even basic vehicles designed for commuting possess hi-resolution smart screens with a

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Options to Consider If You Can’t Make Your Car Payment

There’s a strong likelihood you’ve had a huge (and non-positive) adjustment in your life if you’ve come across this article. Potentially a tragic event occurred, or maybe your personal finances just dipped. Whatever the cause, you are scared of defaulting on your car payments, and you are here because it’s seeming quite impossible to meet

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Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Car Loan

You want to acquire a new vehicle. You might lack the funds to get this done, or at least the funds to get the vehicle you want, but you need to do this. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you secure a car deal, on your terms. Some customers spend days

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What Car Payment Can I Afford?

There’s a lot of people who want a vehicle and don’t even think of the term “auto loan” amongst their options. They either don’t have any means of paying back a loan, or their credit score is in shreds so they don’t even consider it. Whatever your scenario, we advise that you evaluate yourself and

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Choosing the Best SUV to Buy

There was a time, not too long ago, when station wagons were the vehicle of choice for moving families from one place to another. Today, that position has been comfortably taken by SUVs. SUVs do not just have tremendous space they are also very capable. Majority of the latest SUVs come fitted with hybrid technology,

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Six Factors to Consider when Choosing a Pickup Truck

Just like most other things in technology, the capabilities of pickup trucks have improved tremendously from what it once was. Today, an average compact truck can tow and haul almost the same way as a heavy duty pickup truck would have done many years ago. Trucks have become less of a workhorse and more of

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Choosing the Best Van to Buy

Although minivans are not the perfect example of glamorous vehicles, they have come a long way from what they were once. It is unfortunate that many people still associate minivans with soccer mum and school runs, hence considering them as uncool, but the reality is way different than that. Minivans are no longer boxes on

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Choosing the Best Car to Buy

Aside from buying a house and choosing a career, buying a car is another of life’s most important decisions. Cars play vital roles in our lives, helping us to move from one location to another with ease and comfort. There are certain basic criteria that must be found in the average car; – It must

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Tips for Shopping for the Perfect Used Truck

At one point in your life, you are going to find yourself in need of a truck. It could be because you need some heavy lifting or you need the extra space it affords so you can get the entire family to a camp or out in the countryside. Either way, a truck is hardy

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Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit

Private transportation is sometimes not a luxury but a necessity. You may need it for work or maybe just family life in the city. Regardless of your intentions, the fact is that you need a private means of transportation. A car loan is one of the easiest ways to get a car. But securing a

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How A Car Loan Affects Your Credit Score

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Car Loan

Having a good credit score plays a major role in most of the necessities of life, from applying for a job to applying for a loan. And it’s all based on around those two words, you’re approved. So why does a better credit score give me an advantage over a bad credit score? This is

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Family buying a car and girl holding the keys

Should I Buy a Car, Truck, Van or SUV?

A vehicle is the third biggest purchase of your life. Whether you’re in Calgary and need something to commute to work or near Prince Albert and have long drives just to pick-up groceries before you go ahead to buy a vehicle, it is important you do some research to ensure that you make the right

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Young Woman Calculating her vehicle Trade In Value

Determining Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value

In a lifetime, the average person uses thirteen cars. Seems like a lot, but car enthusiasts or those a little more accident-prone than others, tend to boost this number up for the rest of us. In most cases, what people do is to trade in their old one, perhaps add some cash to it, and

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Determining the Perfect Down Payment for a Vehicle

One of the primary concerns most people have when looking to finance a car is the size of the down payment that is needed. Many tend to wonder how long they would need to save for a down payment and if the eventual size of their down payment will have an effect on the price

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DriveNation Flag Waving Outside Calgary Dealership

The Best Used Car Dealership In Saskatoon

DriveNation is dedicated to being the best way to buy a used car in. Ever. That’s why we’re here to help the people choose the best used car dealership in Saskatoon they can trust will meet their needs at the time of purchase and well after. Brief History of the used car dealership When the first

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Car Loan Calculator

Financing Your Next Vehicle

After a house, purchasing a vehicle is most likely the second biggest investment a person makes in his lifetime. Getting the best deal for new or used cars is every car owner’s dream. Many people find that creating and sticking to a particular budget can be hard when purchasing a car. However, this is the

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At Drivenation, We Turn NO to DRIVE!

For the average Canadian, a car is a necessity that comes after air, food, and water. All car lovers can attest to this statement. However, cars are getting more and more expensive as the day goes by. Of course, there are many loan options are available for people looking to buy cars who have a

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Person Trading In Their Vehicle


Have you already grown tired of your vehicle and you are now eyeing the newest vehicle in the market? You can actually have the best of both worlds. By trading in your used car, you can get that car of your dreams instantly. Moreover, used cars can be hard to sell especially if the vehicle

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When shopping for a new car, you may be thinking about using your old one to your financial advantage. There a few ways you can get the most value out of the vehicle you are looking to get rid of. To get the best value for your trade-in automotive there are certain significant steps that

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DriveNation Calgary Exterior

DriveNation is Strapping on Their Boots and Getting to Work in Calgary

automotive dealership groups, and that trend continues with their latest used vehicle dealership opening in Calgary, Alberta. Originating in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the growth of DriveNation has come fast and furious. Solely focused on the used vehicle sales, this is a testament to the value and need they are filling in the market. Calgary Northeast is

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DriveNation Abbotsford Exterior


The economic climate has created a lot of uncertainty in the automotive sector as of late, but one point of consistency is the continued growth of DriveNation, one of Canada’s fastest growing automotive dealerships. Solely focused on used cars, DriveNation’s humble beginnings in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan are a distant memory, as they have announced they are

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DriveNation Edmonton Exterior

DriveNation Edmonton is NOW OPEN!

DriveNation is Canada’s fastest growing automotive dealership, solely focused on used vehicles. That growth continues with the announcement of their latest store opening in Edmonton, Alberta. Soft opening its doors on April 5th, the Edmonton dealership is DriveNation’s first location outside of Saskatchewan and marks their sixth total location on the Canadian prairies. Situated along

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Picture Of Cartoon Man In SUV

The Go-To Place for Cars and Credit

DriveNation makes the approval process easier than ever before so you can hit on the road as quick as possible. Unlike traditional car dealerships, we strive to ensure our customers are fully informed prior to making a purchasing decision. We are also more than willing to work with you on financing, thus helping you turn your driving dream

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Animated Man in Small Car

An Experience Like No Other

There is only one ultimate goal here at DriveNation. Our team is fully committed to providing customers with a no-hassle car buy experience of the modern age. All of our pre-owned vehicles are professionally certified by experienced factory technicians and covered with limited extended warranties, thus ensuring they’re safe, dependable and trustworthy. And while you

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Animated Female Student Buying A Used Car

Back To School

As students gear up for a new academic term, buying a car can be a difficult proposition. Which ones are safe? Reliable? Cheap? And how much should you spend? These are hard questions and DriveNation has the answers. We have a variety of excellent used cars at a wide variety of price points. We’ve made

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Animated People Buying A Used Car

NFL Commercial

You can now catch DriveNation during the 2017 NFL season with our newest commercial! Everyone here at DriveNation hopes you enjoy our newest creative bit. You can also view the new ad below:

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Happy Customers At RoughRider Game In Saskatchewan

Taking the Field with DriveNation!

In honor of the 2017 CFL season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, DriveNation decided to take some lucky fans to some home games, situated at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan. One of these games included the ever so popular Labour Day classic! We held a contest on our social media channels and encouraged fans to like, share

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Approval Is Easy At DriveNation

Approval is Easy!

DriveNation is a Canada wide used car dealer and auto financier. We are your number one stop for pre-approved car loans and quality pre-owned used vehicles! Our non-commissioned staff is here to make your vehicle shopping experience fun, easy and financially advantageous, and our approval rate means that we guarantee you’ll drive away with a car loan – no

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New Comers To Canada Searching For A Car Online

New to Canada Programs

Hey! Need a vehicle and you are… New to Canada? 01. APPLY Apply online or in our showroom. All credit situations accepted. FAST. EASY. SIMPLE! 02. RELAX Take comfort knowing our team is working on finding the right vehicle for you that fits your budget. LEAVE IT TO US! 03. GET APPROVED Start driving with our best

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DriveNation Grand Opening


Saskatoon! We have 2 new stores. Our new DriveNation ValueCentre – with all units under $9,995 is now open at 806 Circle Drive! DriveNation Saskatoon – our quality pre-owned vehicle super centre is at 102 Apex Street by Costco! We are celebrating by slashing all vehicle prices and paying the PST on all units till

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$2,500 For Your Trade


Unhappy with your vehicle? Maybe it’s time to break up.. for a limited time receive a minimum of $2,500 on your trade! Also pay the same or less with us! All credit situations accepted! Certain conditions may apply. See dealer for details. O.A.C. Apply today!

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In a galaxy called Prince Albert… high priced cars have formed an evil empire……But DriveNation and Kia Canada are joining forces and fighting back! CAR WARS! For 3 days only we’re using the force for massive rebates and reduced prices on hundreds of vehicles! Used cars from 495! *New from just 9,995! Get a 2016

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DriveNation Car Financing Professional

Bad Credit Car Loans in Saskatchewan

Bad Credit Car Loans in Saskatchewan At DriveNation we are proud to help prepare car loans for people with bad car credit from Regina, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Yorkton, Weyburn, Estevan, Fort Qu’Appelle, White City, Lumsden and Pense in Saskatchewan. We offer Auto Loan options for all types of Credit: No Credit Vehicle Loans Bad Credit Finance Options

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$500 Referrals

Whenever you refer your friends, coworkers and family members to DriveNation towards a vehicle purchase, you will get $500 cash, per referral. O.A.C. Get started now.

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Don’t let another day go by without contacting us to learn all about the extraordinary services that we offer!

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Red Chevy Car

Welcome to the DriveNation Blog!

When looking for news and information on used cars, used trucks, used vans, car loans, car financing and more look no further! This is our DriveNation blog from our Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert locations.

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