The brand Chrysler is part of a one of the worlds largest and most famous automotive groups a majority of Chryslers success is in its ability to pull in talent including leaders, engineers and designers from other divisions.

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Chrysler History Lesson

Chrysler has operated since its foundation in 1925 following a re-organization of the Maxwell Motor Company. Until its absorption by Fiat SpA in 2014, it was considered one of the Big Three automakers in the US, behind General Motors and Ford.

It has developed automobiles for a range of lifestyles and demands. Still, it was not until after the Second World War that it started to experience the growth and recognition we now associate with it. It pioneered the muscle car popular in the 50s and followed this up with several high-performance models throughout the 1960s.

Despite being a subsidiary, it is still a recognizable brand across the world that continues to demonstrate why the name has persisted.

Chrysler Models

From sedans to Minivans, we stock a range of used Chrysler models. Struggling to decide? Here’s a quick overview of four of our favorites.

Chrysler 300 S

Chrysler 300 S Sedan comes with a 3.6L 6-cylinder engine and automatic transmission perfect for growing families or young professionals who need more space in their car for their ever-accelerating lifestyle.

The smart black paint job will make you feel like a foreign dignitary gliding through the streets, and this sleek, sophisticated style is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s not all about looks, though, and the interior is packed full of superb features for your convenience and comfort.

The full center console provides everything you need from a car, while power steering makes the handling feel natural. You will also feel safer thanks to anti-wheel roll features and 4-wheel ABS brakes.

Chrysler Pacifica L

Chrysler Pacifica L is an eye-catching choice for big families or those tasked with hauling the Little League stars every which way win or lose. This model is available in charcoal grey but also comes with a black grille and chrome rims that make it stand out wherever you are.

As you’d expect from a van, the interior is spacious and comfortable, so there won’t be any complaints coming from the back on longer journeys. The cloth upholstery is perfect for all seasons, while the heated mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity, and Push to Start operation offer a slick modern feel to a classic design that means you’ll be travelling in style wherever you go.

Chrysler 200 Limited

Suitable for just about anybody, the Chrysler 200 Limited is a stylish Sedan with a 2.4L and 4-cylinder engine. Included is an array of fantastic features that will attract your attention, including Bluetooth connectivity, to play your favourite tunes on long journeys.

You can also enjoy cruise control, brake assist, and power steering for secure handling, whether this is your first car or the latest in a long line of vehicles. These features are not all it has to offer, either. The interior is comfortable, with driver lumbar support to make road trip aches and strains a thing of the past, while electronic stability gives you peace of mind when on the road, wherever that might be.

Why Buy A Chrysler From DriveNation?

There are many benefits to visiting DriveNation to purchase a used Chrysler today. Some of these benefits include delivering top-quality service with none of the sales-person lingo and jargon you’re so tired of. But the benefits don’t just end here.

When purchasing your used car, you will also benefit from a 90 day or 3,000km warranty, as well as a seven-day exchange policy should you feel at all dissatisfied with the running and operation of your car. While we always carry out a multi-point inspection before releasing the vehicle to you, some older models may have issues that we can’t always identify immediately. If you find these issues increase, you can return it to us within this time frame to exchange for a replacement model at your discretion.

Finally, DriveNation also provides the driver with Live Marketing Pricing to give you the best deal possible along with Road Hazard Coverage and Theft Replacement Protection to ensure your vehicle is kept safe and secure wherever you are.


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