There are often so many things that you have to think about when buying a new car that it can be somewhat overwhelming. After all, you have to consider cost and quality. Not to mention knowing the specific things that you need from a car. Is it going to be the kind of car you use to take the kids to school? Do you plan on using it for work every day? Do You want additional features or can you keep things simple? These kinds of questions make it essential to take your time and figure out the right car for you.

One of the best things that you can do if you want to find the right car is to look for a manufacturer with a reputation for both high quality and versatility across their models. There are few car manufacturers who can both those two things more easily than Honda. Here are just a few reasons to consider why a Honda might well be the ideal choice for your next car.

Why Buy A Honda?

One of the things that you can be sure of when it comes to a Honda is that it’s one of the most reliable investments that you can possibly make when buying a car. Not only are Honda’s known to be incredibly reliable but they also hold their value incredibly well, something that is always worth considering when you’re putting down a decent amount of money on any car. The question then becomes a matter of figuring out precisely which Honda is right for your needs. There are so many options available to you within the Honda range that you’re almost certain to find something that will suit you.

Honda Models In Saskatoon

From hatchbacks to Full Sized SUVs, we stock a range of used Honda models. Struggling to decide? Here’s a quick overview of our favorites.

Honda Pilot

If you have a family, that can often add a whole lot of extra wrinkles to your search for the perfect car. After all, you have to consider everything from how comfortable the ride is to how much space you have to the kinds of features that might be necessary when you have kids. Luckily, the Honda Pilot is one of the most family-friendly three-row SUVs on the market right now. With a spacious interior that offers maximum comfort for passengers as well as plenty of room for their belongings, combined with luxurious interior fittings, the Pilot is one of the most comfortable family cars available.

Honda Clarity

Your impact on the environment is something that more and more people are paying close attention to these days. This means that you may want to look into cars that offer non-gasoline options. There are few better places to look than the Honda Clarity. The Clarity offers multiple non-gasoline powertrains including a plug-in hybrid, a fully-electric, and a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain. This means that you’re both helping the environment and potentially bringing the running costs of your car way down. Not only that but it’s also one of the most stylish and agile of Honda’s current range.

Honda Civic

If you want a compact car and you’re not willing to sacrifice on quality, there really is no better place to look than to the Honda Civic. The Civic features plenty of interior space and dynamic performance, making it one of the most enjoyable city cars to drive. It’s just as at home on the highway as it is in the city streets and the suite of available features makes it a joy to drive.

Honda Insight

The Honda insight has returned to the market after a five-year gap and has immediately established itself as a practical, stylish, and fuel-efficient hybrid car. With a shockingly spacious interior and plenty of trunk space, the Insight shows that you don’t have to sacrifice style for interior space and comfort. All the while the Insight also comes with a whole suite of driver assistance features like forward-collision avoidance and lane departure warnings. With the sheer volume of features and the comfort of the drive, there are very few city cars that can really compete with the Insight.

Honda HR-V

When you’re looking for a subcompact SUV, one of the major considerations that you have to make is how much space you actually have. The Honda HR-V is one of the most spacious subcompact SUVs available right now with a lot of cargo space and rear-seat space that makes sure your passengers are always as comfortable as possible. The HR-V has been recently updated and now offers a whole lot of extra entertainment and driver assistance features. It might not have the longest list of features out there but the sheer quality of the ride and the usefulness of the features that it does have make a huge difference.

Why Buy A Honda From DriveNation?

Here at DriveNation, we offer a range of affordable used Honda vehicles for you to take home today. Our dealers have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to helping you find the perfect used Honda to take back with you.

Choosing a Honda from DriveNation also gives you a 90 day or 3,000km warranty. Free history reports, road hazard coverage, and theft replacement protection are also included to provide you with perfect peace of mind with every purchase. All vehicles come with a multi-point inspection to guarantee safety, and the seven-day exchange program means you can exchange your vehicle if you’re not completely happy with how it runs!

Our staff work without commission, so you get to avoid the stressful and overbearing experience you find with other Honda dealerships, while live marketing prices ensure you can get the best and fairest deal at any minute.


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