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Sign-up to Drive for Free

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How does the DriveNation Drive For Free program work?

Drive For Free is DriveNation’s exclusive referral program. Once signed-up to the program, for every referral you provide that leads to a completed vehicle purchase with DriveNation we will pay you $500 cash. No questions asked, no limits on pay-outs.

So how do I actually Drive for Free?

According to our recent statistics, the average monthly car payment is $496. That means for you to Drive For Free, you simply need to provide one referral per month. Any more and you’re driving for free, plus more!

How exactly do I get awarded my Drive For Free referral cheque?

You will receive notification of your cheque payment once your referral completes a vehicle purchase with DriveNation. You will then have the option to pick-up in-person or have it mailed to your door.

Is the Drive For Free Program available to everyone?

Due to provincial restrictions, we are prohibited from offering cash rewards for customer referrals in all locations. Contact us to see if your location applies.

Why should I redeem a Drive For Free card for someone else?

Every Drive For Free card is of benefit to the person giving and receiving the referral. For the person purchasing the vehicle, you will save $500 off your vehicle purchase (not to be combined with any other offer), while the person who provided the referral will receive $500 cash. If they’re a really good friend, hopefully they’ll split the cash with you!

How come I didn’t get credit for referring a friend?

If you didn’t receive your credit for the friend you referred who purchased a vehicle with DriveNation, it is likely due to the fact that your friend has either failed to complete the purchase or did not pass along your information as a referral prior to the time of purchase. Please reach out to us at 1 833 389-0546 to discuss further.

Thank you for signing-up for the Drive For Free Program. We’ll send you an email shortly with details on the program for you to share with your friends, family and anyone else you can think of. We will also be mailing you a set of business/discount cards to distribute as well. Please be sure to write your name and phone number on them before handing them out so you get the credits you deserve. Welcome to the club and the land of ZERO CAR PAYMENTS! If you have any questions please reach out to


We've received your request to redeeem your $500 Referral Voucher and one of our DriveNation specialists will be in touch with you shortly!