Why Buy A Jeep?

With a reputation for being able to go anywhere, you could want and their spacious and comfortable SUV body shapes, more and more people are realizing that Jeeps are the perfect option. Not only that but they often provide the kind combination of power, comfort, economy, and style that you simply can’t get with many other SUV manufacturers.

Of course, that raises the all-important question: which model of Jeep is right for you? After all, they all have their unique benefits, it’s just a matter of which one meets your needs better than all of the others.

Jeep Models In Saskatoon

From SUVs to Off-Road Monsters, we stock a range of used Jeep models. Struggling to decide? Here’s a quick overview of four of our favorites.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is perhaps one of the most iconic models that the manufacturer has to offer. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the most iconic cars currently on the road. And there are definitely good reasons for that. For one thing, if you’re looking for something that has all the power you could need, the Grand Cherokee is your ideal choice. Not only that but the modern designs of the Grand Cherokee have made a push for added comfort, style, and features to make sure that, no matter what kind of driving you’re doing, from roughing it off-road to taking the kids to school, you’re always going to find yourself having the most enjoyable ride possible.

Jeep Wrangler

For a long time, Jeep Wranglers were considered to be something of a “meat and potatoes” kind of car. You know the type. Reliable, powerful, and sturdy, but without much in the way of comfort or features. They also had a reputation for being seriously loud. While these older models had a huge amount to recommend them, particularly when it came to price, the new Wranglers have made a push to take all of the things that made the older models so great and also add in some much needed modern flourishes like more luxurious interiors and added features. Thanks to these things, the modern Wranglers are some of the best SUVs out there whether you’re looking for raw power or some improved quality of life features.

Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade is one of the newer models on this list, having debuted in 2015. The idea behind the Renegade is to provide a more car-like subcompact SUV without sacrificing any of the off-road capabilities that have made Jeep a household name. Built off a smaller, car-like platform, the Renegade is a fantastic choice you’re doing a lot of city driving. However, thanks to the raised suspension and sophisticated 4-wheel drive controls, it’s also just as well suited for getting off-road whenever you need it to. Even the Renegade models with fewer added trims and features give you just about everything you need in order to take on any kind of driving you could want.

Jeep Patriot

If you want something with all of the cargo space you could possibly want, the Jeep Patriot should be your first port of call. While the Patriot’s boxy styling might not be for everyone, it’s sure to appeal to long-time fans of the classic Jeeps that it’s calling back to who want something closer to a traditional SUV rather than some of the more hatchback styled modern SUVs. Not only that but the 4-cylinder engine makes sure that the Patriot has all of the power you need, no matter how long the journey or how much cargo you’re carrying.

Jeep Compass

Build from the same basic platform as the Patriot, the Jeep Compass is a much more modern styled, hatchback like SUV designed specifically to offer something smaller and more city-friendly. With a sleek and contemporary body style, the Compass is perfectly well designed for modern life. All the while the luxurious interior makes sure that you and your passengers are always as comfortable as possible.

Why Buy A Jeep From DriveNation Saskatoon?

There are many benefits to visiting DriveNation to purchase a used Jeep today. Some of these benefits include delivering top-quality service with none of the sales-person lingo and jargon you’re so tired of. But the benefits don’t just end here.

When purchasing your used Jeep, you will also benefit from a 90 day or 3,000km warranty, as well as a seven-day exchange policy should you feel at all dissatisfied with the running and operation of your Jeep. While we always carry out a multi-point inspection before releasing the vehicle to you, some older models may have issues that we can’t always identify immediately. If you find these issues increase, you can return it to us within this time frame to exchange for a replacement model at your discretion.

Finally, DriveNation also provides the driver with Live Marketing Pricing to give you the best deal possible along with Road Hazard Coverage and Theft Replacement Protection to ensure your vehicle is kept safe and secure wherever you are.


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